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178 Haley Road
Kittery, ME, 03904
United States


Esthetics Services

Esthetics Services

In order to obtain the best possible outcomes, KK Remedies uses only extremely high-quality skin care products with proven results.

Spa Facials

Promote healthy skin. $80

The esthetics room at KK Remedies Day Spa

The esthetics room at KK Remedies Day Spa

Hydration Facial

Deeply moisturizes and restores balance to dry, dehydrated skin by infusing luxurious serums that melt into your skin. Perfect for skin craving nourishment.

Soothing Facial

Calms red, irritated, or reactive skin. Good for soothing sensitive and rosacea-prone conditions.

Healing Facial

Purifies oily skin and heals acne blemishes for visibly healthier skin.

The view from the esthetics room

The view from the esthetics room

Organic Facial

Incorporates organic frankincense to help encourage cellular regeneration. 

Oncology Facial

Gently soothes the skin and brings hydration to skin that may be compromised from cancer treatment. Great care is taken to ensure a relaxing and safe environment.

Anti-Aging Facials

Target specific issues for aging skin. $95

Oxygen Lift Facial

Improves circulation, brightens skin tone, and eliminates toxins to reveal healthy and radiant skin. 

Collagen Facial

Uses a powerful anti-wrinkle formula to combat fine lines and wrinkles, leaving your skin youthfully radiant.

Phyto Stem Cell Facial

Uses stem cells from Swiss apples to help protect skin cells and increase the cellular longevity and vitality, delaying visible signs of aging.

Vitamin C Facial

Has antioxidant properties that fight free radicals, brighten skin, and promote collagen synthesis.


Chemical Peels

KK Remedies provides a variety of gentle chemical peels that are designed to promote exfoliation, cell renewal, diminish dark spots and sun damage, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is necessary to receive at least one facial prior to scheduling a chemical peel to determine if a peel is appropriate. For best results, a series of chemical peels is recommended.


Waxing services

Brow wax - $18

Upper lip - $14

Chin - $14

Underarms - $30

Tinting services

Lash tint - $30

Brow tint - $30